Wiztech is the Best SCADA Training Centre in Chennai

Wiztech is the best Scada training Centre in Chennai offers practical oriented PLC & Scada training in Chennai. Advanced SCADA Training is used to get the best core industry job.
SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) has been around as long as there have been control systems. The first “SCADA” systems utilized data acquisition by means of panels of meters, lights and strip chart recorders. Supervisory control was exercised by the operator manually operating various control knobs. These devices were and still are used to do supervisory control and data acquisition on plants, factories and power generating facilities.

Learn About SCADA
SCADA refers to the combination of telemetry and data acquisition. SCADA Encompasses the collecting of the information, transferring it back in to the central Site, carrying out any necessary analysis and control and then displaying that information on a number of operator screens or displays. The required control actions are then conveyed back to the process. Using scada we can monitor and control the entire plant is possible when it interfaced with PLC/DCS.

SCADA Training in Wiztech
Wiztech industrial automation offer the best scada training skill in Chennai to student and also train the student in best scada designing training in India, and interfacing with PLC using various communication protocols which is trigger the student into designing and implementation of the industrial automated process. Students Can learn this much practical session in Wiztech only. So wiztech is the best scada training centre in Chennai and also best scada training centre in India

SCADA Software
SCADA Software can be divided into two types, Proprietary or Open Companies develop proprietary software to communicate to their hardware. These systems are sold as “turn key” solutions. Open software systems have gained popularity Because of the Interoperability they bring to the system.

Industrial Automation - SCADA
Standard graphic objects
Buttons and sliders
Check and radio boxes
Display and application windows
Input and output fields
Creating and editing Tags
New mimics for the application
Animation configuration
Adding and amending real time trending
Adding and amending historical trending
Bar charts
To develop an understanding of drivers and data transfers between PLC’s
Various SCADA in Wiztech


The advantages of the PLC / DCS SCADA system are:

The computer can record and store a very large amount of data.
The data can be displayed in any way the user requires.
Thousands of sensors over a wide area can be connected to the system.
The operator can incorporate real data simulations into the system.
Many types of data can be collected from the RTU.
The data can be viewed from anywhere, not just on site.
SCADA Hardware

A SCADA System consists of a number of Remote Terminal Units collecting field data and sending that data back to a master station via acommunications system. The master station displays the acquired data and alsoallows the operator to perform remote control tasks.

On a more complex SCADA system there are essentially five levels or hierarchies:

Field level instrumentation and control devices
Marshalling terminals and RTUs
Communications system
The master station(s)
The commercial data processing department computer system

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