In-Plant training on PLC SCADA DCS Automation technology

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In-plant Training – an essential feature for practical knowledge
The students pursuing their engineering education are engaged in the activities such as visits to factory to have In-plant Training for updated knowledge pertaining to the industrial climate. Students are expected to also go through the practical training for which in-plant training is offered to them. 
Wiztech’s fully equipped lab provides an ideal facility for In-plant Training in industrial automation. The students after they are thoroughly through with the theoretical aspects are made to work in the lab where simulated conditions of an industry set up are created. The candidates are exposed to every aspect to feel and learn to get the practical skills and hands on experience. Every component – major & minor are handled by every candidate pursuing training to update their functional knowledge and how in actuality they are set in a system based functioning. 

Thus the candidates trained at Wiztech would be thorough with all the practical aspects having worked hands-on in the lab. Post-training the students become well-versed in working principles and programming sequence of PLC, SCADA, DCS & Pneumatic and field instruments, since they also become the part of their project study. Students in the process learn working with live industrial projects in advanced machineries and the related technology. 

Engineering Careers needs practical exposure
Careers are the specialized knowledge areas where the growth is continuous and rewarding for the students embracing the respective fields. The user industries are those who employ the technology derived out of these specified knowledge areas. Engineering Graduates opting to make careers in industrial automation based systems have great current and futuristic job opportunities. The industrial automation is a field which is ruling the entire world now and there is no field which it does not cover. Industrial automation based technology is already a matured technology field. The extent of maturity in the field is so much that even the products rolling out of industrial houses also have in-built automation systems. The best career opportunities are therefore available in the field of industrial automation now. This field is growing at a rapid rate and hence engineering graduates look for making careers in the field. 

Wiztech Automation, started in the year 2006, has been for the last 9 years consistently providing full-fledged training to the engineering graduates and also those employed in industries to up-date their knowledge and skills. Wiztech’s highly qualified and experienced faculty members, the fully facilitated industrial lab and the organization’s ability to provide practical and hands on experience to all its students have earned for it a place in the front line training organizations. Wiztech awards Diploma, & Adv. Diploma certification for careers based training in PLC / SCADA / DCS / VLSI / VFD and also placement for all its trainees. The students aspiring to make careers in the field hailing from other than Chennai, pursuing training at Wiztech are provided free-accommodation also.

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